Jul 2015 The new community centre at Highfield

We woke up this morning to a light frost and a clear beautiful day. During a stroll around the village at 9.00am it was a pleasure to take in the views and see the progress of The Lodge. The new community centre will be completed at the end of the year. The construction of The Lodge is still the main point of conversation for residents. We wait in anticipation for the broad range of activities it will offer.
IMG_1742 - Copy_320x213 IMG_1736 - Copy_320x213

In November 2014 we started planting around the two ponds. Eight months on, the ponds are looking lovely, the edges softened by the native Carex. It was lovely to take in its visual beauty during our walk this morning.
IMG_1789 - Copy_320x213 IMG_1798 - Copy_320x213

These pictures show the new hospital site. Contouring has been done. Construction will begin soon. Watch this space!
IMG_1777 - Copy_320x213 IMG_1790

New residents moved into this home last weekend. These are the latest homes to be completed at Highfield. Lovely indoor/outdoor flow ensures you can catch the sun throughout the day. Many a wine will surely be enjoyed from the patio. It was lovely to take in the rural views of Mount Maungatautari this morning, simply breath taking! It was nice to hear a cheery good morning from other walkers who joined me on the new smooth walkway around the village.
IMG_1810I could not resist posting this little treasure I spotted on my walk this morning! A winter garden with lots of colour. A delightful mix of winter annuals and ceramic masterpieces!