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Its brownish back, yellow sides and blood orange dorsal and caudal fins make the redtail catfish easily recognizable among other catfish species. 10 Year Old Boy Sets New Lake Conroe Junior Record For Biggest. Field Skills: Want to be a better shooter? © 2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Attaining an unconfirmed length of 3 m (9.8 ft), the Mekong giant catfish grows extremely quickly, reaching a mass of 150 to 200 kg (330 to 440 lb) in six years. Use the search form above to find fishing world records for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and more. Its normal diet includes fish, shrimp, frogs and insects; but like most catfish species, the goonch is an opportunistic feeder with a very liberal palate. The first database that includes all large freshwater fish worldwide! Italy has produced a potential world record wels catfish in the shape of this 250lb brute, hauled in by Roberto Godi. Small fishes, crustaceans (crayfish), and insects alive or dead are some of the channel cat's favorite prey items, so consequently these are also some of the preferred baits of anglers targeting channel cats. Highly valued for both its food and sporting value, the channel catfish is one of the most popular catfish species in North America. 7 Largest Catfish Ever Caught Largest Org. While its general coloration of mottled yellows and browns does not differ greatly from other catfish, the flathead is very distinctive in appearance and is not easily confused with any other species. Benjamin hooked the fish like we would any other one. As the … Here is a look at the world records to beat and tips for how to do it: All-Tackle Record:64.86 kilograms (143 pounds, 0 ounces), Kerr Lake, Va., USA. The sharptooth's ability to tolerate extreme environmental conditions has allowed the species to thrive in areas where it has been introduced, such as Europe, Asia and the Middle East.While it prefers large, slow-moving rivers and flood plains, the sharptooth catfish is built to survive in almost any aquatic habitat. Preferred baits when targeting the blue catfish include live and dead herring, bluegill, bream, crawfish, blood worms, chicken livers and stink bait. The redtail catfish, or pirarara, is highly sought after for its game fish characteristics and is considered to be one of the best fighting catfishes. Weight: 646 lbs (293 kg) Length: c. 9 ft (2.7 m) Location: Northern Thailand. Disclaimer: All content is provided for fun and entertainment purposes only. When hooked, the channel cat makes strong, determined runs. The magnificent creature lives to fight another day. Although oftentimes confused with the barred and tiger sorubim because of the variation in their spots, the large size of the spotted sorubium — which is reported to grow up to 100 kilograms — separates it from its smaller sorubim relatives. Benjamin Gründer knows records get broken because he unofficially did so himself. Texas Parks and … Three men are seen holding this fish in the pictures. Increase a lure’s effectiveness by pairing it with the ideal reel speed. Bucks visit them regularly and so should you. The large rivers, streams and lakes throughout northern South America are home to the redtail, and during periods of high water the large catfish will move into the flooded forests in search of food. Not only is the wels one of the largest catfish species in the world, it is also one of the largest freshwater fish in the world with catches reported into the 600-pound range. The fish, which has been submitted to the IGFA for the ‘All Tackle’ category, took a bream livebait, fished on the River Po at Mantova. On a trip to the River Po in Italy, Benjamin hooked a large catfish. A British fisherman caught a record breaking 8 foot-long and 206-pound rare albino wels catfish while fishing on the River Ebro near Barcelona, Spain. The goonch is a mysterious catfish species that inhabits the rocky, swift moving rivers of central Asia's Ganges, Mekong and Chao Phraya river basins — with some of the largest specimens taken in India, where they commonly exceed 45 kilograms (100 pounds). Their willingness to take a variety of natural and artificial baits, coupled with their strong fighting ability, make the redtail catfish a favorite among sport fishermen. The elongated, scale-less wels has a thick upper body and a laterally flatted tail, making it extremely powerful. Constantly battling strong river currents of its natural habitat makes the goonch extremely powerful, and attractive to anglers in search of a rod-bending challenge. Once prevalent throughout the rivers in Asia's Mekong basin, the giant Mekong catfish has since been introduced in China, Bangladesh and other private locations throughout Asia. Unlike other species of catfish that tend to prefer natural baits on the bottom, sorubim are known to aggressively strike a variety of trolled and cast artificial baits intended for peacock bass, although night fishing with live or dead fish can also be very productive. "We go out obviously to catch big fish," Campbell told ABC News. Most fishing rods feature both an action and a power rating, but what do those ratings mean and how do you use them to select the right rod for different scenarios? Thai fishermen netted a catfish as big as a grizzly bear, setting a world record for freshwater fish, according to researchers who studied the 646-pound Mekong giant catfish for a … These characteristics, coupled with their prolific distribution, make catfish one of the most popular recreational game fish in the world. This species is relatively new to the sport fishing world, so the methods of angling for these fish are still being perfected as we learn more about this catfish. The record for the largest blue catfish caught was claimed by a man in Virginia by the name of Richard Anderson. When fishing, you never know what you are going to catch. Bernie Campbell tried for seven years to catch the rare fish, which breaks the previous record by 10 pounds. Blue catfish are native to the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio River basin systems - extending north into South Dakota and south into Mexico and northern Guatemala. While usually a bottom feeder, the aggressive sharptooth will occasionally feed on the surface. Few expect to break world records, but as Benjamin Gründer can attest to, it happens. Its large size, enormous mouth, and beady eyes give the goonch an intimidating appearance which has added to its allure among anglers. All-Tackle Record: 55.79 kilograms (123 pounds), Elk City Reservoir, Independence, Kan., USA. With a possible total length up to 4 m (13 ft) and a maximum weight of over 400 kg (880 lb), it is the second largest freshwater fish in the region after the beluga sturgeon. Its natural diet includes live and dead fish and aquatic vertebrates, but anglers have found that the wels is also quick to take artificial baits such as plugs, spinners, frog lures and even flies. Thankfully, someone had a camera available. Although most blue catfish are caught with bait, they can also be tricked with bucktail jigs, plastic worms and flies. All-Tackle Record: 134.97 kilograms (297 pounds, 9 ounces), River Po, Italy. A typical day at the lake or river usually brings the same results. All-Tackle Record: 53.5 kg (117 pounds, 15 ounces), Rio Parana, Corrientes, Argentina. The fish is far bigger than the man who reeled him to shore. All-Tackle Record:64.86 kilograms (143 pounds, 0 ounces), Kerr Lake, Va., USA. Not only is the wels one of the largest catfish species in the world, it is also one of the largest freshwater fish in the world — with catches reported into the 600-pound range. Sight Savvy: Different styles of bow sights each have their strengths—and weaknesses. The South's Best Waters for Trophy Catfish, Southern-Style Fried Shellcrackers Recipe, Baitfish for Bass: Search, Suspend or Sink Crankbaits, 6 Steps to the Perfect Trigger Pull on Your Compound Bow, Understand How to Use Scrapes to Locate Whitetails, Great Catfish Baits That Won't Stink Up the Place, 10 Biggest Catfish World Records of All Time, International Game Fish Association's (IGFA), catch some of the world's biggest catfish, Hunting Elk with the Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Hunter in 6.5 PRC, Understanding Reel Retrieve Ratios and How it Affects Lure Presentations, Hobie MirageDrive 360 Kayak Propulsion: Amazing Control and Power, Action and Power Ratings- How to Choose the Right Bass Rod. The lau-lau, or piraiba, is the largest catfish species on the IGFA record books, but there have been even larger specimens reported in the 200-kilogram (440-pound) range. Vallilee, with Cyr as guide, has been trying for the 6-pound tippet record since early 2020. Their reputation as being exceptional table fare completes the "game fish resume" of this beautifully colored and strong fighting catfish. Your kitchen cupboards have some of the most effective catfish baits. Because they are vegetarians, bread or a paste made from rice husk or corn, are two of the more popular baits for giant Mekong cats and are usually fished along the bottom. All Rights Reserved. In 2018, Benjamin caught a Wels catfish in Italy's River Po that was around 9 feet long, unofficially setting a new record. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. Okay, "large" is an understatement. Its flat head is accentuated by oval shaped eyes and a protruding lower jaw, making it easily recognizable. Year Caught: 2005. So, why is this an unofficial record-breaking catch? Pierce caught the fish in Philadelphia. All-Tackle Record:117.93 kilograms (260 pounds), Gillhams Fishing Resorts, Krabi, Thailand. This species of catfish is native to the central, eastern and southern areas of Europe. The mysteries surrounding these enormous fish make them highly sought after by anglers in search of a sport fishing adventure to one of the wildest places in the world. Over the past decade, the wels has become extremely popular among native European anglers, as well as anglers traveling from around the world to target this prehistoric freshwater game fish. However, a well-presented fly or bucktail jig will certainly entice a bite from these voracious feeders when targeted in shallow or clear water making it very appealing to a wide range of anglers.

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