Resident Ann McGhie

In April 2013 Ann McGhie joined four other residents residing at Highfield. From the planning stages it was clear that Ann had a love of gardening.

“I was made to feel so welcome from the first time I set foot in the village. I wondered how I would handle the change to a smaller property when leaving my large garden but I just love it. It was the right move for me to make and now that I am settled into my lovely new villa I feel right at home. I love my new garden and have been able to bring lots of my special plants with me. I am looking forward to seeing the pond developments and to be a part of the planting. I enjoy bringing my friends and family to the village. It has quickly become my home.”

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Residents Charles and Margaret Douglas

In February 2013, we welcomed our first residents Charles & Margaret Douglas to the village. Here Charles shares a few words about his involvement in our community and what the move to the village means to them.

“My wife Margaret and I shifted from the North Wairarapa to Te Awamutu in 1964. We moved to a sheep and beef farm at Pokuru, where we lived until 1972. A major change in occupation occurred and after selling the farm I began working for the NMA company. After about six months NMA merged with Wrightson Stephenson and Co and became Wrightson NMA Ltd. I was lucky enough to survive another merger when Wrightson NMA became Wrightson Dalgety, where I worked happily until my retirement in 1991. Working in the rural scene and living a great deal of my life in a rural area has allowed me to have a wide involvement in our community. Having moved to live at Highfield on the 13 February this year my wife Margaret and I have found everything at Highfield to be well above what we expected to find the experience. As the first residents to move into Highfield we have seen a lot of construction progress and we are now enjoying the company of other residents.”

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