"We moved into Highfield Retirement Village in April 2014. We were downsizing from an acreage outside of Hamilton. We were a little apprehensive about living ‘check by jowl’ as the setup of some retirement villages seemed to be. The developers heeded advice to ensure residents’ need for privacy and for personal space was taken into account when designing the village and its surrounds. Our grounds are planted to encourage the return of birdlife as are the water features we have."

— Residents: Peter & Beryl Emery

About Us

If you’re approaching retirement and considering your future options, or have already retired and are looking for a lifestyle that enables you to live your life to the full, then Highfield Country Estate will offer the choices and opportunity you are looking for.

Village life provides all the benefits and peace of mind of living in a vibrant community environment, while still allowing you to maintain your independence. It is entirely your decision how involved you become in our village weekly activities and events.

Our village revolves around the concept that “time is our most valuable asset”. With this in mind a lot of your day to day responsibilities are taken care of, so life becomes about doing the things you want to do, not the things you have to do. It’s your time to enjoy the companionship, freedom and carefree living that Highfield Country Estate can offer. We are also aware that your needs may change over time and we will be ready to assist you whenever required.

Our vision is simple: To provide the facilities and environment that allow you the freedom to live the lifestyle you enjoy.