Residents: Peter & Beryl Emery

We moved into Highfield Retirement Village in April 2014. We were downsizing from an acreage outside of Hamilton. We were a little apprehensive about living ‘check by jowl’ as the setup of some retirement villages seemed to be.

The developers heeded advice to ensure residents’ need for privacy and for personal space was taken into account when designing the village and its surrounds. Our grounds are planted to encourage the return of birdlife as are the water features we have.

We were proud to be part of the local Altrusa Garden Ramble. The quality of the planting gives the village an air of tranquillity and vibrancy. Visitors are in awe of our surrounds. We too love them. The walking path is well used by residents – a lovely way to exercise and to catch up with other residents on the way.

The residents have been actively encouraged to share their life experiences, talents and interests with others in the village, hence the variety of activities or interest opportunities available at Highfield. We organise, coordinate and lead most of our social interaction ourselves. We have a strong community spirit, and look out for and care about others without intruding on their privacy.

Moving into Highfield was the best decision we have ever made. We feel blessed to be part of this special community of people, many of whom are now friends.

Residents: David & Shona Hollinshead

I first came to look at the village with a friend about six years ago. It was in its early development stage. Being a builder, I looked at the plans and was suitable impressed and realised that moving to Highfield Country Estate would be ideal for my wife and myself.

The next step was to go home and talk my wife and family into it. Shona finally relented and we put a deposit down thinking it was going to be years before we moved in. About two years later we were living here.

We got the dream position, and it was so easy to organise any changes we wanted to make to the property. The directors and staff in the village are absolutely fantastic to deal with and are so friendly and approachable. The village has this wonderful friendly feeling and family are always welcome.

The amenities are great, swimming pool, bowling green and gym to name but a few. There are many other activities held at the lodge and you can join these at your leisure. Having the maintenance, lawn mowing, and gardening done for you takes the stress out of going on\ holiday and coming back to an overgrown garden and lawns. We do a little gardening, but it is nice to be having a cup of coffee and watching our lawns being mown.

One of the best decisions we have made as been to move into Highfield, where we know, and the family knows that we live in a safe, happy, and friendly environment where people look out for one another. We have many envious friends who have visited us and are now looking for a village to live in. They cannot find one that has such spacious villas and such beautiful grounds.

We love living here and if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to purchase a villa, please come and join us and enjoy your retirement.

Residents: Charles and Margaret Douglas

In February 2013, we welcomed our first residents Charles & Margaret Douglas to the village. Here Charles shares a few words about his involvement in our community and what the move to the village means to them.

“My wife Margaret and I shifted from the North Wairarapa to Te Awamutu in 1964. We moved to a sheep and beef farm at Pokuru, where we lived until 1972. A major change in occupation occurred and after selling the farm I began working for the NMA company.

After about six months NMA merged with Wrightson Stephenson and Co and became Wrightson NMA Ltd. I was lucky enough to survive another merger when Wrightson NMA became Wrightson Dalgety, where I worked happily until my retirement in 1991.

Working in the rural scene and living a great deal of my life in a rural area has allowed me to have a wide involvement in our community. Having moved to live at Highfield on the 13 February this year my wife Margaret and I have found everything at Highfield to be well above what we expected to find the experience.

As the first residents to move into Highfield we have seen a lot of construction progress and we are now enjoying the company of other residents.”

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