Facilities & Activities

The Lodge

The Lodge was officially opened on 23 November 2017. 

We consider The Lodge an extension of residents' own homes, where people can meet, join in activities, or share a meal or a drink. A versatile and welcoming communal environment, The Lodge is the beating heart of Highfield Country Estate.


The monthly activity calendar includes various options available in the Lodge and off site planned activities. Whole Village functions occur at least every two months and include celebrating Christmas, New Year, Easter, mid-winter Christmas, Anzac Day, Mothers and Fathers Day, and St Patrick's Day.

Our Gardens

The gardens at Highfield are very well thought out. Spacious and attractive, gardens surrounding villas are purely for the residents' enjoyment. Whether you are an avid gardener or not, we welcome you to potter whenever you like.

All gardens are maintained by our garden team on a regular basis. Fruit trees have been planted throughout the village. Each villa has a fruit tree or two of some sort. These include feijoa, lime, lemon, mandarin, orange, apple, persimmon, guava and plums. Vegetable boxes are also a resident favourite.

The village community garden is nurtured by a keen group of resident gardeners. Maintenance and harvesting is done by roster for those interested in vegetable gardening. Vegetables grown include the most popular varieties. Previously we have seen impressive harvests of pumpkins, new potatoes, kumara, watercress, spinach, and courgettes, Residents may purchase vegetables twice per week, bagged into single and double servings at extremely affordable prices.  

Te Awamutu Attractions

The thriving township of Te Awamutu has many more activities and attractions for our residents to enjoy. Here are some of the local amenities our residents visit on a regular basis.