Highfield Highlights November 2023

A big Highfield welcome to the new residents who have moved into our village community, especially as we enter an action packed activity calendar with something for everyone to partake in, enjoy, come together and make new connections too.

It has been fabulous to hear about the wonderful experience our Highfield Residents had in Waihi on the recent  bus trip. The beautiful food, information, mining experience and of course the amazing bus driver too. A big thank you to the team that organised the trip, it was such a highlight for all those who attended.

This month we look forward to warmer and hopefully more settled weather. The gardens at Highfield are full of colour, splendor and the definite scent of summer. The garden team are to be commended on their amazing upkeep of 9 acres of our lush grounds and gardens.

We are all watching the election results with interest, once the special votes are counted we will see how many coalition partners are required to form the government.

Don’t forget to apply the sunscreen, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

We wish you all a wonderful month in November.

The Highfield Team