Highfield Highlights March 2024

Highfield Highlights March 2024

It's amazing to think that Easter is just around the corner, the year is flying by so quickly. 

We have had some hot summer days, with the mercury rising into the high twenties. It is wonderful to see the Highfield bowlers out in force and the three new market umbrellas have been put to good use keeping the sun at bay. Don't forget to apply sunscreen and stay hydrated during warm days.

Once again there are a lot of events and activities planned in March. The Highfield social committee have been planning events and outings, working tirelessly so everyone can enjoy the upcoming functions. We so appreciate all the hard work and efforts of this talented group.

The Highfield library is "fit to bursting", with fabulous new book titles being introduced monthly, there truly is something for everyone! We thank our wonderful librarian Alison for her amazing organisational skills and flair that makes the library the special place that it is.

We wish you all a very happy and safe Easter weekend and if you are travelling on the roads, take extra care with the increased traffic.

The Highfield Team