Highfield Highlights June 2024

Highfield Highlights June 2024

It has been another busy month full of action, events, and activities here at Highfield.

The Social Committees amazing Mother’s Day Devonshire morning tea was not only gastronomically pleasing but aesthetically nostalgic too. There was a lot of interesting conversations about the beautiful China cups and saucers, reminiscing about their origins and stories whilst celebrating the amazing women in our lives. The beautiful jam and cream filled scones were another highlight as was the very talented entertainment, which delighted all those that attended. A huge thank you to both our hard-working Social Committee and to the Highfield Singers.

During the month of June the much anticipated annual Pool Tournament begins, seeing both staff and residents showcase their talents through healthy competition and comradery. The preliminary rounds will be played for the men's, ladies and mixed doubles, with the finals being played at the end of July. The pool finals will be Highfields answer to the World Cup final. Good luck and all the very best to everyone that is participating, it will be a wonderful event for our spectators too.

With the wintery weather please remember to take your umbrella when venturing out in case you get caught in the rain and inclement weather.

Hope you all enjoy the month of June!

The Highfield Team