Highfield Highlights July 2024

Highfield Highlights July 2024

The year is certainly marching on and it’s amazing to think that the shortest day of the year has already been and gone.

The month of July will see the finals of the annual Highfield Pool Tournament. The lodge is a hive of activity with pool matches being played and spectators watching on. The competition is filled with comradery and fun, with a little bit of banter thrown in. There have been a few surprises, a lot of talent and a little bit of luck. It is wonderful to see so many residents and staff participating, both playing and supporting. We eagerly await to see who makes it to the final with everyone looking forward to seeing who the overall winners will be.

The gardens are looking so beautiful with the ongoing maintenance and care of all things green; the garden team are doing an incredible job. It is wonderful to walk through the village and take in the gorgeous surroundings.

We hope you all have an enjoyable month in July!

The Highfield Team