New Lodge opened to residents

On 2 April, directors and the Highfield team held an opening ceremony to welcome residents to the new Highfield Lodge. Campbell Fladgate welcomed residents with the following speech.

"It’s great to see you all here today to celebrate the opening of the new Lodge. Welcome! We’d like to welcome you to your Lodge. Back in November 2010 when we first officially opened Highfield, the future looked certain to be a busy one, with construction of 5 stages of development, sales, construction of 116 villas, gardens, ponds, the construction of a new community centre, The Lodge, and of course getting to know new residents. Now in 2016 we have 10 villas left to build, all villas are sold, we have a waiting list and today we celebrate the first opening of the Lodge. The Lodge is nearly complete. The pool area is still under construction and there are some areas that still need a little bit of work. We expect the Lodge to be completed by sometime in May. However most of the facilities are available for you to use and we look forward to showing them to you this morning. The Lodge is an extension of your own home here at Highfield. Our vision has always been to provide the facilities and environment that allow you the freedom to live the lifestyle you enjoy.”

The Lodge was blessed by Pastor Steve Jeffares before residents were welcomed inside. It was a wonderful morning of discovery, shared food, drinks and celebration.